The reason "tomorrow" is the time everybody says they want to start something but never do. "I'm going to start training someday."  "I am gonna go on a vacation." "I am going to get in shape." People say these things to themselves. And they say it to other people for years and they haven't done anything. And they probably never will. They use the future tense, and that's the problem. Change is hard, but if it's going to happen the truth is you have to start today. In the present tense, now! Using phrases like next week, next month, and tomorrow just allow you to justify and delay the change your life is calling for. 

Is today the day that you are going to start training? At the last tournament one of the photographers took a picture of one of my guys, Chris. Chris is 63 year old and he's out there wearing his white belt competing. This photo actually went viral around the world. It is actually a really, really, cool picture of Chris wearing his GI waiting to compete. They put a little saying at the top of the picture that said "10 years old is the best day to start training, or today! This picture is in multiple languages.

It has went all over the World,it is all over Facebook. Every Jiu-Jitsu website out there has this picture. It is a very iconic type picture and people are running with it. It has literally been seen by Jiu-Jitsu  and non Jiu-Jitsu people alike. 

Chris started training a couple years ago and is now a blue belt. He is a Newspaper editor and a college Professor. The lesson guys is don't wait to start training, today not tomorrow is the time to start. Don't wait until your 63 years old. But if you are 63 today, then today is the day to start training. To make anything important happen you have to take immediate action. Action leads to accomplishment!

The last 6 months of my life went by the faster then any 6 months before is just crazy. In the last 6 months it felt like it went so fast. Because I have 4 kids with everything they are doing plus everything my wife wants to do.

Conclusion: I remember being a kid and wishing time would go faster. And everybody saying just wait, when you are older you will wish it would just slow down. Time keeps flying by and I am scared the next 40 years of my life is going to be over in what feels like tomorrow. I'm personally booking things that I've been saying for years that I was going to do. For example I have wanted to go to New Zealand, rent a Motorcycle and see New Zealand. I have committed myself to a friend over there to go do a seminar and then in-between my seminars I will see the country.

What are the things you want to do? Travel? Start a new hobby? Spend more time with family? Whatever it is take action and make it happen

Travis Lutter

PS I wrote this one years ago. And today is still the best day to start traing. It never changes!!