I busted my Bersa Sack in my left knee. Injuries are a part of train. If you lift, or run you will have injuries. It is the same with training Jiu-Jitsu/Martial Arts.

I have had 4 busted Bersa sacks in the last 34 years of training. I had the first one wrestling in college. I had the next two a few years later while training Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. In August of 2019 I had my latest one. The other ones having them drained and resting them allowed them to heal. The last one refused to heal. Why? Age? Repeated trauma? I am not sure.

This one I had to go in and have the Bersa surgical removed. I am currently recovering from the operation as I write this. It is frustrating aging. Everyone who ages I am sure becomes frustrated with the way our bodies stop doing what we once asked them to do.

It is frustrating to train hard and not see the same results a person once did when I was younger. Stopping fighting years ago was very difficult. I loved training for MMA fights. I loved fighting. Of course there are parts of it that I am happy to be done with. But I am sure if I could I would still be fighting today. Being injured is probably the best thing that ever happened for my brain. But that is another story.

But watching your body slowly not do the things it once was capable of is painful in its own way. Some days it feels like you are dying a death of a 1000 cuts. I wish I was one of those guys who just accepted it. But I am not. I enjoy being good at Physical things. I enjoy being strong. And I am bothered with the aging process. In another 10 years it will be worse. Should I stop? Sit on the couch and let time go by. How long would it take sitting on the couch before I would be in even worse shape. More injuries. Not very long. Basically, it would happen over night.

So what do you do? Stop, lay down die. Or keep fighting? In July of 2018 I was in great shape (for a 45 year old). I was training for Masters Worlds. Fast forward to September of 2019 and I am recovering from Bersa Knee Surgery and can't wait to train again. I can't wait to run, (I hate running). But the thing I want to do is feel better. And that only comes when I am eating right, training, and healthy. I will be there again hopefully sooner then later. Now if only this knee would heal a little bit faster. I can't wait to train, I cant wait to feel better but first I need to rest then I can start stepping on the gas. But the key is to not wait too long.

Without being healthy life is hard.

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