On the set of the Ultimate Fighter I was away from my Gym for 6 weeks. During that time I was allowed/expected to train every day. Now I am home on a Government Lock Down. If this ends when they say it will, it will be a little over 6 weeks that I will have spent away from my gym. 

When I was on the Ultimate Fighter it was business as usual at Team Lutter. I had my coaches running things while I was away. My students were happy and excited I was there working for my future and the future of the sport. 

This time we are shut down. The government shut down nonessential Business during this time. In Texas we are shutdown until April 30th for now unless they extend it. As a small business owner this is financially difficult. I will still have rent. I will still have my employees to pay. Plus all the other things that make a business work, they all have to be payed. During this time of course we will have lots of people putting there contract on hold. Or quitting the gym all together. They are not allowed to train so I understand there frustration of paying for something they can not use. 

It is crazy how long 6 weeks can be. On the set of the Ultimate Fighter everyday was Ground Hog Day. You woke up saw the exact same people. Rode in the same van on the same rode to train twice a day. Once a week there was two fights. We ate at the same kitchen cooking the same food. We had lots of free time to sleep and chat. I hated it. It was torture not having the ability to wake up in the morning and have the freedom to do what I wanted was torture to me. I need to have the option to go eat or go to a movie. I enjoy talking to a wide verity of people. That is why teaching Jiu-Jitsu is perfect for me. Losing my freedom was difficult for me to to say the least. 

This situation is similar to the set of the Ultimate Fighter only worse. I see the same people everyday (that is a good thing they are my family). I eat the same food (also a good thing my wife is a good cook). But at the end of the Ultimate Fighter I had made good money. My gym had also done well during that time. At the end of this a lot of business will not survive. There will be a recession or possibly a depression that we will all have to live thru. But the worst part of this is the loss of freedom. Freedom to make my own choices. Freedom that our constitution guarantees. The freedom to take risks. 

In this situation education would have been the right choice. We do not know how many people will die. We do not know because we do not know how many people are Asymptomatic. Without knowing that nobody can say how many people will die. It is a guess. And because of us not knowing the media and the public have automatically jumped to the worst case. But the truth is nobody knows. Because of this the government has decided to deny it's people the rights the Constitution guarantees. For our safety. 

How does this end. I don't know. It is very scary.