I have been trying to force myself to do cold plunges. When my knee swelled up 10 days ago I decided I would commit to do it. Right now the pool is 49-50 degrees so it is easier. I don’t have to bother with ice ect…

I am on day 7 of doing the cold plunges. My knee swelling is down. Not sure if it is related. But I am planning to continue to keep doing the Cold plunges. If I continue doing them thru the winter I will purchase a cold plunge of some sort then.

Things I have noticed over the last 7 days, 

1. Getting in pool has gotten easier. I stall less 7 days later. Not really pausing just set the timer and jump in. 

2. I started at 3 minutes. It seemed like forever. It still seems like forever but  I did 3 minutes 45 seconds today and stayed in for a count of 100 after the timer sounded, 

3.Once I warm up after getting out of the pool I am not bothered near as much by cold. Not sure why. But that is kind of nice. 

4. I don’t get a dopamine release, most people report being happier for hours after, I don’t feel like I am happier or sad. Just the same. Maybe mine is broken.

Conclusion: I am not sure if the cold plunge is helping my knee or not. I am not positive that I receive any other benefits healthwise. I am going to put in the first comment a link to the Huberman Lab Podcast notes for @everyone to read over.

I believe that the cold shock therapy is ultimately is helping me. And that is why I am going to continue to do it. I do dread doing it. But until I decide that it isn’t doing anything for me I wil continue doing it.