In any Jiu-Jitsu gym, you will notice many mistakes. Mistakes that waste time. Mistakes that put people in danger of hurting themselves or others. And mistakes that are just plain crazy.

Maybe you even make a few of these mistakes yourself currently or in the past.

By avoiding these common mistakes. You will put yourself on the fast track to improving your training.

Check out the following 4 Jiu-Jitsu mistakes and the solutions you need to avoid danger and to get fit fast.

Mistake 1: You roll too hard.

When you train to hard, you are muscling so hard that you can't think. Much less use technique. Backing off 10% off the intensity allows you to start feeling. Also you will be able to roll for a longer time increasing your total mat time. Doing this isn't easy but just making the conscience effort to try to muscle less will reap rewards.

Mistake 2: You train with the same people every class.

You may have noticed that most people train with the same people each time they visit the gym. Maybe you've been drilling with the same partner.

By drilling or rolling/training with new people different body types. You expose yourself to different games and body types. Even when you are drilling with a new partner. They may notice something you are doing only slightly wrong that needs to be corrected.

Mistake 3: You don't warm up before training.

Most people consider warm up time to be wasted time. They would rather jump right into the heart of the training. What they don't realize is that a good warm up will allow you to perform at a higher intensity. Which means greater results during training.

The point of a warm up is to increase your muscle temperature. This increases blood flow, muscle contraction and reduces muscle resistance. Your warm up should last 5-10 minutes.

Jiu-Jitsu gyms are filled with people using bad technique. The two biggest reasons are that you aren't concentrating on the what you are actually doing. Paying attention to all the little things will pay huge dividends in the end. Make sure you have a strong foundation in the basics. Before you move on to trying learn more advanced techniques.

Mistake 4:

Basics, Basics, Basics! Watching YouTube and only trying to do Flashy moves. Basics work!! Armbar from the guard! Learning to pass the guard the proper way. These are the keys to improvement. Yes it isn't as exciting as flashy moves. But basics are the fondation of your Jiu-Jitsu that will allow the flashy moves to work. Roger Gracie uses a cross collar choke because it works!

Mistake 5:


Conclusion: Training Jiu-Jitsu should be fun. I know I enjoy training more with people who follow these rules. As a school owner and former MMA fighter having good training partners was the keys to my success. So take the time to learn technique. Make sure you warm up before you train. Don't forget to also vary your training partners. Trying to train with as many different body types as you can. Rolling to hard is always a bad thing. Your partners aren't going to benefit as much. If you back off just 5-10% you will both enjoy the training session more.

Training hard and see you on the mat!

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Travis Lutter